Wednesday, May 25, 2011

reading response

        Holden Claufield is failing high school and he could not care less. He is enrolled in a very nice school but that not really the truth. See every sunday either the parents call their kids or come up to see them and when they do they always ask "what did you eat last night" the children will say steak and this is true though the steak is hard and small.

      Holden is a nice kid who might sometimes get on your nerves and is not the brightest scholar out there. Half the hair on his head is turning gray and he smoke to many cigerates for them to not affect his health. Holden decides that since he is going to be kick out of this school in a couple of days he might as well leave. This book is a story of his life in the big city.

       When Holden decides to go to the city he makes sure he has enough money and he does his grandmother is always very generous with her christmas donations. He sets out to stay at a not so fancy and when he gets there he tries to buy a scotch and soda but they wont give it to him as he is under age, this is something that drive him crazy because he wants to be an adult but no matter what he still gets treated like a kid.

        His stay in Manhattan also changes him. One night he comes back to the hotel very late and is not tired but very bored. The bellhop notices this and tell him he can send up a girl for five bucks. Holden doesn't really want to but he says yes to the man. When the girl comes al he wants to do is talk so she leaves but not before getting five bucks. The bellhop and the girl tomorrow saying he owes them five dollars, Holden wont pay him so the bellhop knocks him out and the girl takes the money and they walk out.

       In conclusion Holden as dumb as this trip to the city was, he grows and matures from it. He learns a thing or to about certain kinds of people and who they can be, which is good so now he's not going to get husstled again or at least I hope he won't. He also learns that even though he is a kid he wouldn't really want to be an adult yet because a child's life is just to much fun.

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